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The Blair Witch Fan Club is an online community maintained by a group of volunteer fans. The Blair Witch Fan Club was created to provide an enjoyable place for fans of The Blair Witch Project to communicate and interact with one another.

If you would like to join the team, please contact us here.

The Blair Witch Fan Club is an unofficial website and not in anyway associated with the Blair Witch, Haxan Films, Artisan Entertainment, or Lions Gate Entertainment. The content featured at BlairWitchFanClub.com is intended for promotional purposes only, no copyright infringement is intended. If your content has been included and you would like it to be removed; please contact us. For all the technicalities and fine print, please review our Terms of Use.


The Blair Witch Fan Club was established sometime in the summer of 1999. During the peak of the site’s popularity we had over a thousand members and the domain was shutdown repeatedly because it was overloading our servers. The boards flourished for years with the help of a loyal community and volunteer moderators. The original Blair Witch Fan Club system was powered by UBB.classic. Unfortunately, we went offline in July 2002, then the domain was taken by squatters and spammers and remained under their capture until 2014 when I reclaimed it. I sat on it until the witch resurfaced. The new site is powered by WordPress, BBPress, and BuddyPress.